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about abi»


about abi»

This is abi»

A short description of the abi» portal in English.

Screenshot der neuen abi» Website (www.abi.de)

The online-portal: Information and counseling

On a daily basis, the abi» portal at abi.de provides up-to-date answers to questions concerning studies, vocational training and professions.

It presents a broad mix of information in an entertaining way, with an interactive section, riddles, surveys and tests. Newsletters on requested topics round out the site’s offerings.

In line with students’ various life situations, the abi» portal is divided into different sections.

Print publications and special issues

The six annual issues of the abi» magazine are available free in schools and at German job-information centers. Each issue contains articles on studies and on professions and careers, reports about courses of study and professions, a sweepstake and a report on the job market.

The publication’s six regular issues are complemented by special issues such as abi extra» master, abi extra» parents and abi extra» teachers. In addition, the abi» team provides teachers with classroom materials.

Please find recent abi» magazines (in German language) here: abi.de/bezugsmoeglichkeiten

Status: 30.03.2020

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