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about abi»


about abi»

The abi» portal sections

abi» contains a variety of information for study-starters and young pepole who consider the vocational training.

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The Topic of the Week sheds light on issues of special importance to the target group and includes such items as: background, reports, interviews, tips, links, and addresses where further information is available, to give readers a well-rounded overview as well as in-depth information. >> more

“I don’t know yet what I want to be!” This may be the sentence most frequently heard from high school students. The Orientation and Decision-Makingsection at www.abi.de helps those who are still undecided. Step by step, the “Plan for Profession Selection” supports high school graduates and helps them choose the right profession - from identifying their own interests and strengths to checking feasible alternatives. In addition, the portal contains information on diverse professional fields and groups and the training required to work in them. >> more

This section holds information on exciting voluntary service and temporary job opportunities at home and abroad, provides information about practicums and au-pair programs and offers information about language courses and language study travel opportunities. >> more

With its updated reports, this section provides insights into certain courses of study, key information on stays abroad and on funding and study practice. Universities all over Germany are introduced in the “University Panorama.” >> more

This section introduces readers to jobs that require vocational training and gives high school students an overview of the skills they will gain and the typical professional activities in these jobs. Other topics include funding, opportunities available in foreign countries and special vocational training for high school graduates. >> more

With its variety of articles, this section provides support for applicants preparing their application letters and CVs and offers tips on how to avoid making mistakes in interviews that could cost the applicant his or her dream job. >> more

In this section, job reports offer a realistic forecast of future employment activities. Other topics include further education, career opportunities and the role of practical experience. >> more

The job market and industry reports profiled in this section give details on positions currently available in certain professions and sectors as well as forecasts of developments expected to occur in the future. >> more

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abi» 30.03.2020

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