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Start in Germany

Information for refugees – step by step


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Step 1: Vocational training or studying in Germany

abi>> informs about the educational system, vocational training and studying in Germany. Read more >>


Pouria Noie studies Media Informatics at the Technical University in Nuermberg.



Sawasan Alobied prepares for her dual studies programme in Business Informatics via Kontaktstudium.DUAL.



Yemen Akkad is enrolled in a vocational training programme to become a photographer.



Somayeh Ahmad Fakhrodin had to start vocational training again to practice as a dental assistant in Germany.



Step 2: What am I interested in? What can I do well?

The search for the right vocational training or the right study course starts with your interests and abilities. Read more >>

Step 3: What is the right path for me?

Inform about study courses and vocational training occupations which relate to your interests and strengths. Read more >>

Step 4: What is my diploma worth?

Petra Kourukmas of the Conference of Ministers of Education answers questions of recognition of foreign qualifications. Read more >>

Step 5: Who will support me if I need help?

There is a contact point for every question. abi>> gives an overview. Read more >>


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